Most of the beaches are on the west side of the island . The most popular areas are Tapao Beach and Khlong Chao Bay.

“Ta Tin Beach” is on the northeast of the island. The beach is accessible by boat only and on the west side of the island.

“Yai Ki Beach” is a very charming with a canal called “Khlong Yai Ki” passing through.

“Tapao Beach” is the gateway to Koh Kood as it is the island’s only port . Tapao Beach is also known as a nice snorkeling site. Apart from snorkeling, the beach is very good for swimming.

“Khlong Chao Bay” is on the west side of the island and approximately ? km south of Tapao Beach. .The beach is also suitable for swimmers and kayaking since there is a lovely canal called “Khlong Chao” running through the beach.

“Bang Bao Beach”, “Takian Beach” and “Prao Beach” are next to “Ngam Ko Beach”. These beaches are the last beaches on the southwestern part of the island.

“Yai Kerd Beach” is a very small beach on the northeast of the island only accessible by boat.

“Kluai Beach” is situated next to Yai Kerd Beach after crossing Kluai Cape. It is famous by its fine white sand and sea weed.

Klong Chao Waterfall : is considered the most beautiful on Koh Kood, cascading into a large pool providing tourists a welcome spot for some freshwater swimming. It is tucked away in the jungle and can be reached by boat from Away Resort and “The Hub” Activity Center.

The Fishing Village is located at Ao Salad. You will see the traditional lifestyle of our Islanders and the beauty of our nature. The villagers are very friendly and happy to welcome you. You can buy fresh seafood and can also stay at some of their homes for 300 Baht/night.

Koh Rang islands : “Koh Rang” or Rang Island is off Trad’s coast and about 30 minutes by boat from Koh Kood. The area consists of 6 islands; namely Koh Tien, Koh Kra, Koh Thong Lang, Koh Rang Yai and Koh Rang Lek. Most of them are very popular for snorkeling. Only Koh Rang Yai and Koh Kra have a beach suitable for swimming. There is a park ranger unit at Had Ao Cho on Koh Rang Yai. The office provides water supply and toilets for campers who like to stay over night here.

The best beach on Koh Rang Yai belongs to San Chao Beach. Located at the end of the eastern side of the island, San Chao Beach has powdery sand and the water is very clear. From here, you can go to Koh Rang Lek, which is another good snorkeling spot. A significant feature of this island is its small water reservoir that serves as the main water supply for Koh Rang Yai.

Koh Mak : The third largest island in Trad Province, Koh Mak covers an area of 13 square kilometers and is surrounded by 8 smaller islands.



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