Diving Koh Kood  

When Diving Koh Kood anything is possible. The underwater world of koh kood has been largely untouched and unexplored. Our team are still discovering new dive sites every day. Our current favorites are Koh Mai Si Lek and Koh Raet.

Koh Mai Si Lek is a small island located roughly a mile off the North West side of Koh Kood. Approaching from and anchoring off the West side of the Island we drop down to a max depth of 13meters, the reef consists mainly of hard corals such as the Acropora and Porites species.

Koh Raet is an even smaller island located a mile off the West coast of Koh Kood and directly opposite one of the local resorts and camping grounds. We approach this smaller island from South and anchor up on the south east point where we have a long strip of reef running parallel to the island. This charming site has a maximum depth of 12 meters, most of the enchanting corals are shallower which makes this a great spot for both divers and snorkelers. This site is made up of a good mixture of hard coral and extensive healthy beds of soft coral.

Aow Yai is the location of a quaint fisherman's village where the fisherman dock and assess their haul. This site has much the same as the Islands but with the added bonus of large underwater fish storage units which contain all the live fish that the fishermen have caught. In order to keep the fish fresh they are kept alive in these cordoned off areas.

Remember you could always request a special exploratory dive, not only can you dive somewhere where no one else has ever dived before but you could discover all the treasures of the deep or have a dive site named after you.

Koh Chang and its surrounding archipelago are all part of the Koh Chang National Marine Park. There are numerous islands here and they all have their individual underwater charm, our favorite by far is Koh Rang. Koh Rang is located just 45 minutes speed boat ride from our pier. One of the pleasant things about this area that there have been extensive efforts to preserve the marine life in the form of permanent mooring buoy s. Many of the sites around this island are cordoned off with bright yellow buoys and rope which makes the dive and snorkel sites easy to locate and protects the snorkelers and divers in the water from passing boats.

The dive site contains a wealth of coral and shoals of fish can often be seen swimming of the reef.

Where to kayaking

At the activities center we run guided kayaking tours up to our local water fall. Along the way you will get to see huge mangrove trees that have their roots lodged deep in the river bed, Also when kayaking up the river you get a little insight into how the local Thais live in their wooden houses perched on stilts over the river. About 30 minutes up the river is a little wooden jetty that we tie the kayaks to, when everything is secure we head off along a jungle path to visit Klong Chao water fall.



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