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Government coalition parties denoted with bullets (•) Notes February 2011 column refers to the state of parties after the 2011 general election 69 KB (1,627 words) - 18:02, 24 November 2015 Members of the 29th Dáil (section TDs by party) Dáil Éireann in the 2002 general election, sorted by party
5 KB (73 words) - 01:54, 8 July 2015 Populares (category Defunct political parties) based on Latin usage (partes) and pointing to the consistency of a sort of party platform based on the food supply and general welfare of the populus 14 KB (1,094 words) - 12:25, 12 November 2015 Political finance public offices that are run by parties and candidates
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The NDP, which had won power for the first time in 2009 under the 52 KB (2,173 words) - 17:39, 28 November 2015 United States House of Representatives Page are sorted by party and House Office Building and put in closets by employees of the Architect of the Capitol
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Note this table is a record of the 2007 general election results, 48 KB (680 words) - 20:24, 15 October 2015 Bromst Rings was very carefree and youthful – sort of partying for the sake of partying
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The changes table below records all changes in party affiliation during the session
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Karla Mayer the title of Leiterin eines Sortierkommandos ("Chief Overseer of a Sorting Party")
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The Changes table below records all changes in party affiliation during the 29th Dáil
js"]); } ); a:lang(ar),a:lang(kk-arab),a:lang(mzn),a:lang(ps),a:lang(ur){text-decoration:none} Help Search results Jump to: navigation, search Results 1 - 20 of 15,848Content pagesMultimediaEverythingAdvancedShowing results for sorted parties
php?cs_id=36017&sort=party 5 KB (153 words) - 00:20, 25 January 2015 List of members of the European Parliament for Croatia, 2014–19 information on these elections in Croatia
During 42 KB (258 words) - 19:12, 18 October 2015 Members of the 2nd Scottish Parliament (section MSPs by party) seating plan of the Scottish Parliament
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He gatecrashes the next party and a woman commits 4 KB (553 words) - 11:30, 10 August 2015 Nova Scotia general election, 2013 (section Party standings) official opposition, despite winning fewer votes than the New Democratic Party (NDP)
This record is less about a party and more about a celebration
Apart from the three independents elected as representatives 17 KB (369 words) - 19:50, 17 March 2015 Members of the 1st Scottish Parliament (section MSPs by party) list MSPs elected in the 1999 election, sorted by party
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Each day two or three Pages sort their 36 KB (5,361 words) - 12:33, 21 August 2015 Orphan's Christmas and municipal orphan's Christmas parties
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com/more/photos/view/stills/parties-and-events/id/2355662/sort/Parties%20and%20Events 6 KB (644 words) - 05:56, 16 November 2015 View (previous 20 | next 20) (20 | 50 | 100 | 250 | 500) Retrieved from "https://en
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Moreover all modern democracies operate a variety of permanent party organizations, e
His father is behind it
" In an 5 KB (497 words) - 07:10, 1 September 2015 Super s Karamelom three music videos, for the tracks "Mrzim takve žurke" ("I Hate Those Sort of Parties"), "Debela devojka" ("Fat Girl"), and "Let" ("Flight")
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